Fusion Energy League

Bringing People And Nuclei Together

We're a community encouraging a fusion-based human civilization.

To enable the civilization of tomorrow, we need to work together towards an energy source beyond the science and technology we already master.

This is why we encourage diverse approaches towards finding fusion devices desired by citizens, feasible by scientists and engineers, and viable with the economics in play.

We aim to be curious learners, eager teachers, avid experimenters, and overall supporters of multidisciplinary teams that make this vision a reality.

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Latest Articles

Let There Be Light Movie Review

There is a new documentary on nuclear fusion.  I went to the Canadian premier to see it, in person, and I wrote this short review.

Matt Moynihan - May 08, 2017

Silicon Valley Startup Apollo Fusion Gets Into Fusion Game

On Friday, April first, a new startup in Silicon Valley announced plans for a fusion-fission hybrid power plant.  This article looks at their technology.

Matt Moynihan - April 09, 2017

An Analysis of Lockheeds Fusion Effort

Matt Moynihan - December 11, 2016

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